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About Us  

Nanjing Audit University is the only full undergraduate course college and university, named after 'audit', one of the cradle audit of higher education in our country, establishing by audit, flourishing by audit and thriving by audit. The professional project management of Nanjing Audit University was founded in 2002. The basic construction of auditing profession was in 1988. In 1988, the industrial audit class of the six auditing professional classes from level 1988, was transformed into the capital construction auditing special course, in order to meet the need of the audit talents knowing both engineering and financial infrastructure. In 1993, our school upgraded to the full-time undergraduate college and university, offering the audit undergraduate programs, including the government audit, internal audit, social audit and capital construction audit. Among the four directions, the direction of capital construction audit is the only direction named after business, thus entering into undergraduate specialties directory infrastructure. After a long period of teaching practice and rigorous professional certification, in 2002, our school set up project management profession (audit direction) and did the recruitment formally. Our project management profession (audit direction), an emerging engineering, management and auditing compound subject, came into being which based on an urgent need of the basic construction of audit and the background of the big platform of audit, gradually developed and formed characteristics. In January 2016, according to starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning  and institutional adjustment request, our school set up the project management institute, which fully displayed the school's high esteem and hope to engineering audit profession. The 'audit science and technology' and 'science of modern audit' are chosen into subject constructions in colleges and universities in Jiangsu, the engineering audit subject direction becoming an important part among them. Management science and engineering major (including our project management professional) is also in Jiangsu province' five-year 'key.

Engineering institute by audit department, engineering cost management and public project audit of Jiangsu province key laboratory, equipped with two professions of project management audit (engineering direction) and engineering cost. More than 20 people are full-time teachers (thirteen are doctorates), four professors, and eight associate professors. Nearly five years in our institute, teaching contests at the provincial level and above have been awarded 6 times and school-class rewards (including teaching quality prize) have outnumbered 10, the quality of teaching for students and training students' attaining high praise. Nearly five years, our college teachers have assumed 7 national topic items, 9 province departmental level topics, more than 200 academic theses being published in subject of colleges and universities in Jiangsu province.

Project management (engineering audit direction) professional raises students in the aspect of knowledge structure, equipped with solid theoretical foundation on auditing, engineering technology, management, accounting, law and so on. At the practical level, the professional can base on the engineering background, flexible use of the audit method, the technology of auditing engineering decision-making, contract and bidding, project construction audit (the project cost, quality, progress, safety, environment, acceptance, after evaluation audit), project performance audit, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other modern management tools, the method of simulation and practice, to cultivate the students' creative thinking and ability.

Project cost professional targets at the great demand of engineering cost talents mastering the modern information technology from talent market, giving full play to the school audit subject and public engineering audit of Jiangsu province key laboratory platform advantages. Based on BIM technology and other modern methods, theory and technology of engineering cost, engineering cost management and the integration of cost audit of the talent training scheme, the project management simulation and training, it makes the students adapt to compound project management talents under the background of "Internet +".

Every the college professional teacher is in charge of a professional class, implementing the "colleges-college cooperation", to improve students' comprehensive quality and professional ability, having made professional tutorial system solid. By advancing the virtual simulation and other the application of new technology, method and means, it makes engineering teaching and practice to a new level. Based on the existing entities experiments in public engineering audit key laboratory, our profession boosts the virtual simulation experiment of engineering practice and sets up the student community, having mastered the project the whole process of 3D modeling, information modeling technology, information processing technology, audit and cloud computing and Big Data by learning teams.

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